Good News Of Hope
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1st Sunday AdventComing And PreparationSunday
1st Sunday AdventBelievers’ ConfidenceSunday
1st Sunday AdventPromisesSunday
1st Sunday AdventOn Being Prepared For Two FuturesSunday
1st Sunday AdventExhortationSunday
2nd Sunday AdventThe Lord’s Coming Worth Preparing ForSunday
2nd Sunday AdventImportant Dates-TimesSunday
2nd Sunday AdventSpiritual Hard WorkSunday
2nd Sunday AdventPreparing Our Hearts For The Lord’s ComingSunday
3rd Sunday AdventEncouragementSunday
3rd Sunday AdventSpiritual JoySunday
3rd Sunday AdventWhat Are We To Do?Sunday
3rd Sunday AdventWorldly Joy And Spiritual JoySunday
3rd Sunday AdventSpiritual EncouragementSunday
4th Sunday AdventGod’s Most Usual Way Of Coming To UsSunday
4th Sunday AdventOn Seeing Clearly And With FaithSunday
4th Sunday Advent"Let It Happen"Sunday
4th Sunday Advent CNo "Proceeding In Haste" Without HopeSunday
ChristmasJesus Is God’s Enduring LoveSolemnity
ChristmasResponding To The Great MysterySolemnity
Christmas - YearGod's Great InvestmentSolemnity
Feast - Holy FamilyQuestions Of Parents-Defenses Of TeensFeast
Feast - Holy FamilySome Important Family VirtuesFeast
Feast-holy Family CThe Family's Call To Fulfill Basic Human NeedsFeast
Feast - Mary Mother Of GodTime With GodSolemnity
Feast Of EpiphanyYou Too Are Fulfilling Scriptures Without Full AwarenessSolemnity
Feast Of EpiphanyYou Are Called Into God’s TelecommunicationsSolemnity
Feast Of EpiphanyWhy Be Involved In Evangelization?Solemnity
Feast Of EpiphanyOn Fulfilling The ScripturesSolemnity
Baptism Of The LordOn Being “Full Of Anticipation”Feast
Baptism Of The LordChosen, Acclaimed, Affirmed, Commissioned, ProclaimedFeast
Baptism Of The LordThis Is Your LifeFeast
2nd Sunday YearInvestmentsSunday
2nd Sunday YearThe Importance Of The True Self ImageSunday
2nd Sunday YearA Lack Of Details - Importance Of EssentialsSunday
2nd Sunday YearWhy Only Seven Signs?Sunday
2nd Sunday YearActions Speak Louder Than WordsSunday
3rd Sunday Year“Today This Scripture Passage Is Fulfilled In Your Hearing”Sunday
3rd Sunday YearThe Fixed Eye And The Attentive EarSunday
3rd Sunday YearListening To The Law As A Way Of HopeSunday
3rd Sunday YearWhat Affects ListeningSunday
4th Sunday YearGo With The LordSunday
4th Sunday YearMarks Accompanying God’s CallsSunday
4th Sunday YearThe Conquering Power Of LoveSunday
4th Sunday YearOn Divine Calls And Human CallsSunday
Presentation Of The LordPresent Circumstances Prepare For FutureFeast
Presentation Of The LordPresentingFeast
5th Sunday YearFaith-Love ExperiencesSunday
5th Sunday Year“Lord If You Say So...I Will”Sunday
5th Sunday YearThe Vision Of The Light Reveals The DarknessSunday
5th Sunday YearSeeing God As A Way Of Seeing Into OurselvesSunday
5th Sunday YearThe Lowering Of The NetsSunday
6th Sunday YearHope For BlessednessSunday
6th Sunday YearThe Placing Of Our TrustSunday
6rd Sunday YearThe Spiritually BlestSunday
7th Sunday YearDealing With EnemiesSunday
7th Sunday YearThe Best Of All InvestmentsSunday
1st Sunday Of Lent“Scripture Has It...”Sunday
1st Sunday Of LentIt’s Time To Increase Our Problems With TemptationSunday
1st Sunday Of LentSpiritual WeaponsSunday
1st Sunday Of LentDesert Settings - Places Of Needs And TrialsSunday
2nd Sunday Of LentDisciples Need The Transfiguration VisionSunday
2nd Sunday Of LentThe Vision Helps Us Make The PassoverSunday
2nd Sunday Of LentGo With God’s Power And VisionSunday
2nd Sunday Of LentThe Transfiguration Of Jesus And UsSunday
2nd Sunday Of LentHopeful Visions Of The FutureSunday
3rd Sunday Of LentThe Purposes Of “Burning Bushes”Sunday
3rd Sunday Of LentJudgment And Mercy, Displeasure And PatienceSunday
3rd Sunday Of LentA Time Of InsightSunday
3rd Sunday Of LentLearning From ExamplesSunday
3rd Sunday Of LentThe Use Of Negative WitnessesSunday
4th Sunday Of LentRunning Away Physically, Emotionally, And SpirituallySunday
4th Sunday Of LentA Parable That Outlines The Rite Of ReconciliationSunday
4th Sunday Of LentNeeds On The JourneySunday
4th Sunday Of LentThe Wasteful FatherSunday
5th Sunday Of LentDealing With SinSunday
5th Sunday Of LentWe Can’t Judge Others Or Use Their Sins In Our DefenseSunday
5th Sunday Of LentThe Way Out Of Trapped SituationsSunday
5th Sunday Of LentThe Sins Of Others - JudgingSunday
Passion SundayPutting Ourselves Into The PassionSunday
Passion SundayThe Faithful Outsider Welcomed - Rejected - WelcomedSunday
Easter SundayWhat Is Your Heart Set On?Solemnity
Easter SundayComing To The TombSolemnity
Easter SundayWhat Is Hidden Has Great EffectsSolemnity
Easter SundayWhat Difference Does It Make?Solemnity
2nd Sunday EasterWe Respond In Faith From The Way We AreSunday
2nd Sunday EasterBreaking Through Locked DoorsSunday
2nd Sunday EasterSunday And FaithSunday
2nd Sunday EasterThe Healing Power Of Easter FaithSunday
3rd Sunday EasterThe Quality Of Discipleship Determines ApostleshipSunday
3rd Sunday EasterLive By The Power Of JesusSunday
3rd Sunday EasterStrict OrdersSunday
3rd Sunday EasterWhen All Else FailsSunday
4th Sunday EasterThe Shepherd’s ConcernsSunday
4th Sunday EasterHuman Calls-Divine CallsSunday
4th Sunday EasterResponses To The Lord - Responses In EvangelizationSunday
5th Sunday EasterNeeded Reassurances And EncouragementsSunday
5th Sunday EasterFollow The Whole Gospel PatternSunday
5th Sunday EasterSteps Toward And BackSunday
5th Sunday EasterRetracing StepsSunday
5th Sunday Easter CThe Importance Of Being Aware Of The Lord's Love For UsSunday
6th Sunday EasterSpiritual Tornadoes NeededSunday
6th Sunday EasterWhat Is Heaven? What Is Heaven Like? Where Is Heaven?Sunday
6th Sunday EasterThe Work Of The Advocate In Our LivesSunday
7th Sunday EasterYour Vision Of Yourself And The LordSunday
7th Sunday EasterExtension Of Power-presenceSunday
7th Sunday EasterWe Become What We Choose To See And HearSunday
7th Sunday EasterTransitions Call For Prayer And WaitingSunday
Feast Of PentecostThe Eternal Fire And Wind Is For YouSolemnity
Feast Of PentecostThe Most Frequent Topic Of ConversationSolemnity
Feast Of PentecostSame Spirit Experienced DifferentlySolemnity
Feast Of Pentecost CA Healthy BodySolemnity
Feast - Holy TrinityWe Are A Trinitarian PeopleSolemnity
Feast - Holy TrinityCreation Reveals - Helps Us See Into God's MysterySolemnity
Feast - Holy TrinityHelp Me Understand The Mystery Of The TrinitySolemnity
Body And Blood Of ChristHealing Through Truth And The Body And Blood Of ChristSunday
Body and Blood Of ChristYou Can Be Healthy And Make Others Healthy Too!Sunday
Body and Blood Of ChristOur Hungers And Those Of JesusSunday
Feast-Body and Blood Of ChristWill You Fulfill The Hungers Of Jesus?Sunday
11th Sunday Year CIs It Pointless To You?Sunday
11th Sunday Year CA Saving TruthSunday
Birth Of John The BaptistThe Importance Of John The Baptist And Yours TooSolemnity
Birth Of John The BaptistJohn The Baptist’s Work And Ours TooSolemnity
Feast Of Sts. Peter and PaulWhat To Believe And How To LiveSolemnity
Feast Of Sts. Peter and PaulDeliveranceSolemnity
13th Sunday YearThe Bounding Of Possessions And The Call Of The LordSunday
13th Sunday Year CGod's Call Calls For A Decisive ResponseSunday
14th Sunday YearRejoice In The ChurchSunday
14th Sunday YearWhat To Especially Love, Boast Of, And Rejoice InSunday
14th Sunday YearThe Lord Powers Us And Tells Us What To Do!Sunday
14th Sunday YearThe Economy Of Jesus - A Market Driven OneSunday
15th Sunday YearEveryone A Victim - Everyone A HealerSunday
15th Sunday YearOne Decision Makes It EasierSunday
15th Sunday YearEveryone Is A LawyerSunday
15th Sunday YearYou Can Be HappySunday
16th Sunday YearWelcoming, Serving, And Listening Go TogetherSunday
16th Sunday YearListening-Serving RevelationsSunday
16th Sunday YearChrist Comes To Those Who WelcomeSunday
17th Sunday YearPower, Faith, And PrayerSunday
17th Sunday YearPrayer’s Power And ImportanceSunday
17th Sunday YearThe Lord Promises Our Prayers Will Be AnsweredSunday
17th Sunday YearLessons On Prayer - Some Great PromisesSunday
18th Sunday YearAre You Growing Poor Or Rich?Sunday
18th Sunday YearThe Grace To Discern VanitiesSunday
18th Sunday YearWhat Can Guarantee You Life?Sunday
Transfiguration Of The LordConditions That Help TransfigurationFeast
Transfiguration Of The LordTransfiguration WitnessesFeast
19th Sunday YearWho Are We To Listen To?Sunday
19th Sunday YearFears And The Call Not To Live In FearSunday
19th Sunday YearLive In The Present Based On Your FutureSunday
19th Sunday YearFearSunday
19th Sunday YearCourage From FaithSunday
19th Sunday YearFaith Gives Us CourageSunday
20th Sunday YearSpiritual FireSunday
20th Sunday YearObstaclesSunday
20th Sunday YearDivision And FireSunday
20th Sunday YearMany Have The Jeremiah ExperienceSunday
20th Sunday YearThe Fire Of JesusSunday
21st Sunday YearTry To Enter The Narrow DoorSunday
21st Sunday YearTry To Remember Encouraging WordsSunday
21st Sunday YearThe Creation Of TrialsSunday
21st Sunday YearFaith Demands DisciplineSunday
21st Sunday YearChristian DisciplineSunday
22nd Sunday YearThe Humble PersonSunday
22nd Sunday YearDraw Near To The Right RealitiesSunday
22nd Sunday YearObservationsSunday
22nd Sunday YearPayment For Sins And Delayed Payment For Good DeedsSunday
23rd Sunday YearLife’s Most Important WorkSunday
23rd Sunday YearFollow The Lord’s Wisdom For LifeSunday
23rd Sunday YearChoosing Between Lesser And Greater GoodsSunday
23rd Sunday YearTimid Deliberations Are Not For DisciplesSunday
24th Sunday YearA Sense Of Sin And Mercy Go TogetherSunday
24th Sunday YearA Truth You Can Depend OnSunday
24th Sunday YearWho Do These Parables Tell Us About?Sunday
24th Sunday YearThe Sinfulness Of Man And The Mercy Of GodSunday
25th Sunday YearUse Passing Goods For Eternal GoodsSunday
25th Sunday YearThe Manager Of A Rich ManSunday
25th Sunday YearBe Zealous For The LordSunday
25th Sunday YearBe Enterprising For GoodSunday
26th Sunday YearMirrors - Reveal And EncourageSunday
26th Sunday YearThe Complacency And Zealous FamiliesSunday
26th Sunday YearOn ComplacencySunday
26th Sunday YearThe Rich And The PoorSunday
26th Sunday YearComplacencySunday
27th Sunday YearLife’s Various HurricanesSunday
27th Sunday YearA Needed Increase In The Power Of FaithSunday
27th Sunday YearGod's Vision For Your Life Still Has Its TimeSunday
28th Sunday YearGod’s Power Needs Our Cooperation-Resources To WorkSunday
28th Sunday YearSensed Needs And Unsensed NeedsSunday
28th Sunday Year CA Law Of Success: To Do Consistently Simple ThingsSunday
29th Sunday YearPersistence And PerseveranceSunday
29th Sunday YearThe Necessity Of Restoring Depleted EnergySunday
29th Sunday YearAn Unlikely CandidateSunday
30th Sunday YearWho Do You Rely On For Your Salvation?Sunday
30th Sunday YearOn Being PoorSunday
30th Sunday YearThe Slave And The Free, The Justified And The UnjustifiedSunday
30th Sunday YearWill The Stance You Take Before The Lord Justify You?Sunday
All Saints DayThe Vision Starts In The MindSolemnity
All Souls DayTime, Experiences, And The Company We KeepSolemnity
31st Sunday YearOn Being A Steward Of GodSunday
31st Sunday YearZacchaeus Makes The Front PageSunday
31st Sunday YearZacchaeus' Spiritual EarthquakeSunday
31st Sunday YearZacchaeus Still LivesSunday
32nd Sunday YearResurrection ConvictionsSunday
32nd Sunday YearDeaths Leading To LifeSunday
32nd Sunday Year CWhat Price Would You Pay For Your Belief In Resurrection?Sunday
32nd Sunday Year CThe Present Will Affect The FutureSunday
33rd Sunday YearObserving Temples And End Time SignsSunday
33rd Sunday YearOn Staying With The ProcessesSunday
33rd Sunday YearPerseveranceSunday
33rd Sunday YearHope In The Promised FutureSunday
33rd Sunday YearSigns Of The End-persecution Now And Before EndSunday
Christ The KingWho Is Your King-ruler?Solemnity
Christ The KingThe Models Are Too WeakSolemnity
Christ The KingThe Power And Reign Of The Lord In UsSolemnity
8th Sunday YearImages-True-FalseSunday
10th Sunday Year CSpiritual Respiration
12th Sunday YearThe Need For GodSunday
12th Sunday YearLife And Spiritual StagesSunday
12th Sunday Year CLife's Most Important QuestionsSunday
Ascension Of The LordJesus" Ascension - Our Ascension
Presentation Of The LordPresent Circumstances Prepare For Future
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