Good News Of Hope
Year of Mark Cycle B
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 11-30-2014First Sunday of AdventPreparation For The Lord’s ComingSunday
 11-30-2014First Sunday of AdventSpiritual Earthquake PredictedSunday
 11-30-2014First Sunday of AdventThe Miracles Of PerseveranceSunday
 11-30-2014First Sunday of AdventWaiting-Working Constructively For The Lord’s ComingSunday
 11-30-2014First Sunday of AdventWatch, Wait, Prepare For The Lord’s ComingSunday
 12-07-2014Second Sunday of AdventDo You Believe The Lord Is Coming?Sunday
 12-07-2014Second Sunday of AdventPreparing For The Lord’s Coming Demands RepentanceSunday
 12-07-2014Second Sunday of AdventPreparing The SoulSunday
 12-07-2014Second Sunday of AdventWhy The Lord DelaysSunday
 12-14-2014Third Sunday of AdventBe Witnesses And Instruments Of The LightSunday
 12-14-2014Third Sunday of AdventReceivers And Transmitters Of The LightSunday
 12-14-2014Third Sunday of AdventSad Or Joyful?Sunday
 12-14-2014Third Sunday of AdventSpiritual Light Is Greater Than Spiritual DarknessSunday
 12-14-2014Third Sunday of AdventThe Lamp And The Light, The Voice And The WordSunday
 12-14-2014Third Sunday of AdventThe Light Of JoySunday
 12-21-2014Fourth Sunday of AdventGod Wants To Do Something Greater For YouSunday
 12-21-2014Fourth Sunday of AdventGod’s Plans Can Interrupt Our OwnSunday
 12-21-2014Fourth Sunday of AdventThe Master Architect-The Model BuilderSunday
 12-25-2014Solemnity of ChristmasJesus - The Light Of Enduring LoveSolemnity
 12-25-2014Solemnity of ChristmasThe Mystery Of LoveSolemnity
 12-28-2014Holy FamilyCan The Holy Family Help Us? Can My Family Be Holy?Sunday
 12-28-2014Holy FamilyOn Imitating The Holy FamilySunday
 12-28-2014Holy FamilyThe Family: Place Of ContradictionsSunday
 12-28-2014Holy FamilyThe Spiritual Difference In FamiliesSunday
 01-04-2015EpiphanyA Light For All PeoplesSolemnity
 01-04-2015EpiphanyFollowing Stars-Being StarsSolemnity
 01-04-2015EpiphanyRise Up To See And Share The Light Of ChristSolemnity
 01-04-2015EpiphanyThe Spiritually WealthySolemnity
 01-11-2015Baptism of the LordPowerSunday
 01-11-2015Baptism of the LordThe Difference The Spirit MakesSunday
 01-11-2015Baptism of the LordTimes Of New Direction And AffirmationSunday
 01-18-20152nd Sunday Ordinary TimeHearingSunday
 01-18-20152nd Sunday Ordinary TimeHow The Lord SpeaksSunday
 01-18-20152nd Sunday Ordinary TimeThree Stages And Three Calls Toward Hearing GodSunday
 01-25-2015Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeAbandoning The Net And Vice Of AddictionSunday
 01-25-2015Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeLife Changing AdjustmentsSunday
 01-25-2015Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeNetsSunday
 02-01-20154th Sunday Ordinary TimeHearing Life Giving WordsSunday
 02-01-20154th Sunday Ordinary TimeOne Of Life’s Profound Mysteries!Sunday
 02-01-20154th Sunday Ordinary TimeResisting The Glory Of ChristSunday
 02-08-20155th Sunday in Ordinary TimeBe Careful Of Limited AcceptanceSunday
 02-08-20155th Sunday in Ordinary TimeCompulsionsSunday
 02-08-20155th Sunday in Ordinary TimeDoes Your Life Reflect Job’s Description?Sunday
 02-08-20155th Sunday in Ordinary TimeLiving Malspel Or GospelSunday
 02-15-20156th Sunday in Ordinary Time“Leprous Experiences”Sunday
 02-15-20156th Sunday in Ordinary TimeLeprosy Of SinSunday
 02-15-20156th Sunday in Ordinary TimePowerful Courage And HealingSunday
 02-22-20151st Sunday of LentA Time To Be In The Spiritual Desert WastelandSunday
 02-22-20151st Sunday of LentTemptation And SatanSunday
 02-22-20151st Sunday of LentTemptation(s)Sunday
 02-22-20151st Sunday of LentThe Spiritual DesertSunday
 02-22-20151st Sunday of LentWhat Can Happen In The Spiritual WastelandSunday
 02-22-20151st Sunday of LentWhat Does It Mean To Reform Your Lives?Sunday
 03-01-20152nd Sunday of LentA Greater Tragedy Than Sin Possibly!Sunday
 03-01-20152nd Sunday of LentFinding The Provided RamSunday
 03-01-20152nd Sunday of LentTestsSunday
 03-01-20152nd Sunday of LentTransfiguring ExperiencesSunday
 03-08-20153rd Sunday of LentAre You Among The Wise?Sunday
 03-08-20153rd Sunday of LentDecisionSunday
 03-08-20153rd Sunday of LentEssential Life RealitiesSunday
 03-08-20153rd Sunday of LentOne Good Reason For Keeping The CommandmentsSunday
 03-08-20153rd Sunday of LentTemples Of His GlorySunday
 03-08-20153rd Sunday of LentThe Lord Comes To The TempleSunday
 03-15-20154th Sunday of LentCondemnation-SalvationSunday
 03-15-20154th Sunday of LentDescriptionsSunday
 03-15-20154th Sunday of LentOn Love And CondemnationSunday
 03-15-20154th Sunday of LentReflectionsSunday
 03-15-20154th Sunday of LentThe Dangerous Shadowy ZoneSunday
 03-15-20154th Sunday of LentThe Purpose Of CaptivitiesSunday
 03-15-20154th Sunday of LentTo See Jesus We Have To Learn The Lessen Of The Grain Of WheatSunday
 03-22-20155th Sunday of LentFinding One's Self By Losing One's SelfSunday
 03-22-20155th Sunday of LentThe Grains Of Wheat LessonSunday
 03-22-20155th Sunday of LentThe Greatest Subjects Are For EveryoneSunday
 03-22-20155th Sunday of LentThe Teacher Within UsSunday
 03-29-2015Palm Sunday of the PassionJesus’ Passion:Our PassionSunday
 03-29-2015Palm Sunday of the PassionThree Great Passovers - Deliverances To FreedomSunday
 03-29-2015Palm Sunday of the PassionWe ChooseSunday
 04-05-2015Easter SundayBe Intent On A Deeper Life Of FaithSolemnity
 04-05-2015Easter SundayEaster Vision - The Other Side Of StruggleSolemnity
 04-05-2015Easter SundayJesus’ Resurrection: Our ResurrectionSolemnity
 04-05-2015Easter SundayThe Hidden LifeSolemnity
 04-05-2015Easter SundayThe Vision Of ResurrectionSolemnity
 04-12-20152nd Sunday of Easter/Divine MercyFaith In The Risen Lord And His Mercy And MissionSunday
 04-12-20152nd Sunday of Easter/Divine MercyFearful Faith ExperiencesSunday
 04-12-20152nd Sunday of Easter/Divine MercyMercySunday
 04-12-20152nd Sunday of Easter/Divine MercyThe Importance Of Faith For Life And MissionSunday
 04-12-20152nd Sunday of Easter/Divine MercyThe Power Of True Faith And LoveSunday
 04-12-20152nd Sunday of Easter/Divine MercyThe Thomas ExperienceSunday
 04-12-20152nd Sunday of Easter/Divine MercyThomas’ Saving DecisionSunday
 04-19-20153rd Sunday of EasterGhostly Faith Or Gospel Faith?Sunday
 04-19-20153rd Sunday of EasterHuman And Divine GlorySunday
 04-19-20153rd Sunday of EasterKnowingSunday
 04-19-20153rd Sunday of EasterThe Breaking Of Three BreadsSunday
 04-19-20153rd Sunday of EasterThe Unrecognized One(s)Sunday
 04-26-20154th Sunday of EasterGood Deeds On TrialSunday
 04-26-20154th Sunday of EasterWhat Are We To Look Like? How Are We To Live?Sunday
 04-26-20154th Sunday of EasterWould You Answer This Vocations’ Ad?Sunday
 04-26-20154th Sunday of EasterYou Are Called To Be A Shepherding PersonSunday
 05-03-20155th Sunday of EasterA Branch Bearing Fruit On The Vine Of ChristSunday
 05-03-20155th Sunday of EasterLivingSunday
 05-03-20155th Sunday of EasterWe Need The Vine, Its Life, And BranchesSunday
 05-10-20156th Sunday of EasterAre You Acceptable?Sunday
 05-10-20156th Sunday of EasterDo You Receive-Accept Divine-Human Love?Sunday
 05-10-20156th Sunday of EasterImportance Of A Mother’s LoveSunday
 05-10-20156th Sunday of EasterLove Is The Power Needed To LoveSunday
 05-10-20156th Sunday of EasterThe Power To LoveSunday
 05-14-2015Ascension of the LordKnow And Proclaim The Ascended LordSolemnity
 05-17-20157th Sunday of EasterThe Spirit Of LoveSunday
 05-17-20157th Sunday of EasterWhich Scriptures Are You Living Out?Sunday
 05-24-2015PentecostLooking Into Others’ Past Is Looking Into Our FutureSolemnity
 05-24-2015PentecostThe Engulfing Power Of LoveSolemnity
 05-31-2015Trinity SundayAre You Happy To Be Chosen?Solemnity
 05-31-2015Trinity SundayGod’s Nature Reflected In OursSolemnity
 05-31-2015Trinity SundayRespond To God And People As They Reveal Themselves!Solemnity
 05-31-2015Trinity SundayThe Encounter With GodSolemnity
 06-07-2015Body and Blood of ChristFoods Effects On HealthSunday
 06-07-2015Body and Blood of ChristPainful Experiences-Memories Leading To Healing - EucharistSunday
 06-07-2015Body and Blood of ChristSpiritual JourneysSunday
 06-07-2015Body and Blood of ChristThe Encounter With GodSunday
 06-14-201511th Sunday Ordinary TimeConfidenceSunday
 06-14-201511th Sunday Ordinary TimeGrowthSunday
 06-14-201511th Sunday Ordinary TimeThe Hidden Realities Of LifeSunday
 06-21-201512th Sunday in Ordinary Time“Bad Squall Blowups” In Life - Occasions For FaithSunday
 06-21-201512th Sunday in Ordinary TimeExpect The UnexpectedSunday
 06-21-201512th Sunday in Ordinary TimeFaith And FearSunday
 06-24-2015Birth of John the BaptistThe Importance Of John The Baptist And Yours TooFeast
 06-28-201513th Sunday Ordinary TimeFaith Makes A Big Difference!Sunday
 06-28-201513th Sunday Ordinary TimeHealing Is Familiar And RegularSunday
 06-28-201513th Sunday Ordinary TimeThe Amazing Power Of Personal FaithSunday
 07-05-201514th Sunday Ordinary TimeHome Town Folks And Other BarriersSunday
 07-05-201514th Sunday Ordinary TimeIndependence-Dependence, Weakness-strengthSunday
 07-05-201514th Sunday Ordinary TimeThe Experience Of Ezekiel, Paul, Jesus And OurselvesSunday
 07-05-201514th Sunday Ordinary TimeThe Spiritual Importance Of WeaknessesSunday
 07-05-201514th Sunday Ordinary TimeThe Value Of Weakness, Sin, And IgnoranceSunday
 07-12-201515th Sunday Ordinary Time"Travel Heavy"-"Travel Light"-Two Conflicting CallsSunday
 07-12-201515th Sunday Ordinary TimeA Willing Formula - How To Market A Good ProductSunday
 07-12-201515th Sunday Ordinary TimeOn Being SentSunday
 07-12-201515th Sunday Ordinary TimeRecognize, Receive, And Use Christ’s PowerSunday
 07-19-201516th Sunday Ordinary TimePreparation, Execution, RecoverySunday
 07-19-201516th Sunday Ordinary TimeTeaching Meets Life NeedsSunday
 07-19-201516th Sunday Ordinary TimeWhat Stirs Your Compassion?Sunday
 07-26-201517th Sunday Ordinary TimeFirst Fruits Given MultiplySunday
 07-26-201517th Sunday Ordinary TimeThe Lord Can Do A Lot With Your Little!Sunday
 07-26-201517th Sunday Ordinary TimeThe Lord Works With The Little We OfferSunday
 07-26-201517th Sunday Ordinary TimeThree Great Virtues-humility, Gentleness, PatienceSunday
 08-02-201518th Sunday Ordinary Time“Surviving In The Deserts Of Human Life”Sunday
 08-02-201518th Sunday Ordinary TimeRelational WorkingSunday
 08-02-201518th Sunday Ordinary TimeSeeking Imperishable FoodSunday
 08-02-201518th Sunday Ordinary TimeSeeking The Lord Of The BlessingsSunday
 08-06-2015TransfigurationTransfiguring ExperiencesSunday
 08-16-201520th Sunday Ordinary TimeChoose Wisdom Over FollySunday
 08-16-201520th Sunday Ordinary TimeLiving WisdomSunday
 08-16-201520th Sunday Ordinary TimeMaking The Most Of The Present OpportunitySunday
 08-16-201520th Sunday Ordinary TimeWisdom Verses FoolishnessSunday
 08-23-201521st Sunday Ordinary TimeDecisionsSunday
 08-23-201521st Sunday Ordinary TimeFree To Stay- Free To LeaveSunday
 08-23-201521st Sunday Ordinary TimeMorality And Faith: “To Whom Shall We Go?”Sunday
 08-30-201522nd Sunday Ordinary TimeDo You Know What Is In Your Human HeartSunday
 08-30-201522nd Sunday Ordinary TimeObserve-Judge-ActSunday
 08-30-201522nd Sunday Ordinary TimeThe Human HeartSunday
 08-30-201522nd Sunday Ordinary TimeThe Lord’s Saving PresenceSunday
 08-30-201522nd Sunday Ordinary TimeWorkSunday
 09-06-201523rd Sunday Ordinary TimeDeafnessSunday
 09-06-201523rd Sunday Ordinary TimeDifferences-ChangesSunday
 09-06-201523rd Sunday Ordinary TimeSigns Leading To SalvationSunday
 09-06-201523rd Sunday Ordinary TimeThe Miracle Of Hearing The Word Of GodSunday
 09-06-201523rd Sunday Ordinary TimeWorking And Groaning With DeafnessSunday
 09-13-201524th Sunday Ordinary TimeFaith Expressed In WorksSunday
 09-13-201524th Sunday Ordinary TimeKnowledge Best Precedes ExperienceSunday
 09-13-201524th Sunday Ordinary TimeThe Demands Of A Personal Conviction Of FaithSunday
 09-13-201524th Sunday Ordinary TimeVital Faith QuestionsSunday
 09-13-201524th Sunday Ordinary TimeWays Faith Grows Or DeclinesSunday
 09-14-2015Exaltation of the Holy CrossIt’s Better To Carry The True CrossFeast
 09-20-201525th Sunday Ordinary TimeAdjustmentsSunday
 09-20-201525th Sunday Ordinary TimeClose Sources Of Trouble To Living Our TruthSunday
 09-20-201525th Sunday Ordinary TimeDescriptions Of OurselvesSunday
 09-20-201525th Sunday Ordinary TimeTwo Kinds Of WisdomSunday
 09-20-201525th Sunday Ordinary TimeWhy Are The Just Made To Suffer?Sunday
 09-27-201526th Sunday Ordinary TimeConsequencesSundy
 09-27-201526th Sunday Ordinary TimeEnd ResultsSunday
 09-27-201526th Sunday Ordinary TimeKnow The Lord’s Friends-Take ResponsibilitySunday
 09-27-201526th Sunday Ordinary TimeOn Doing What Is Most ImportantSunday
 10-04-201527th Sunday Ordinary TimeAn Eternal PerspectiveSunday
 10-04-201527th Sunday Ordinary TimeCommandments Are For LifeSunday
 10-04-201527th Sunday Ordinary TimeFollow The Lord’s TeachingsSunday
 10-04-201527th Sunday Ordinary TimeWhat Can We Say About MarriageSunday
 10-11-201528th Sunday Ordinary Time“Good Teacher, What Must I Do To Share In Everlasting Life?”Sunday
 10-11-201528th Sunday Ordinary TimeAn Accurate ScannerSunday
 10-11-201528th Sunday Ordinary TimeCall - Joy Or SadnessSunday
 10-11-201528th Sunday Ordinary TimeClose CallsSunday
 10-18-201529th Sunday Ordinary TimeAspire To Greatness According To The GospelSunday
 10-18-201529th Sunday Ordinary TimeSufferings And Human Needs Are GracesSunday
 10-18-201529th Sunday Ordinary TimeThe Grace To Be “Crushed In Infirmity”Sunday
 10-25-201530th Sunday Ordinary TimeBlindness OvercomeSunday
 10-25-201530th Sunday Ordinary TimeHow Bad Do You Want To See?Sunday
 10-25-201530th Sunday Ordinary TimePain Can Lead To Wanting To OvercomeSunday
 10-25-201530th Sunday Ordinary TimeTake Hope “He Is Calling You” Out Of Your BlindnessSunday
 11-01-2015Solemnity of All SaintsA Source Of Hope For Us In The Great Number Of SaintsSolemnity
 11-02-2015All Souls DayDead HopeSolemnity
 11-08-201532nd Sunday Ordinary TimeThe Hard Job Of Elijah, Jesus, And The ChurchSunday
 11-09-2015Dedication St. John LateranThe Living BuildingFeast
 11-15-201533rd Sunday Ordinary TimeBefore He Comes In GlorySunday
 11-15-201533rd Sunday Ordinary TimeGod’s Justice FilesSunday
 11-15-201533rd Sunday Ordinary TimeThe Future’s Power Over Our PresentSunday
 11-15-201533rd Sunday Ordinary TimeTrialsSunday
 11-22-2015Solemnity of Christ the KingHow Political Allegiance Differs From Faith AllegianceSolemnity
 11-22-2015Solemnity of Christ the KingListen To True WitnessesSolemnity
 11-22-2015Solemnity of Christ the KingThe Kingdom Of God On The EarthSolemnity
 11-22-2015Solemnity of Christ the KingThe TruthSolemnity
 11-22-2015Solemnity of Christ the KingWhy Be A Loyal Servant Of Christ The KingSolemnity